• Hello
    I am having a problem with copying projects onto a backup machine. The project pulls the assets over the network instead of a folder relative to the project file.
    A feature or a bug? In either case I need to force it to be relative otherwise the backup is useless...
    thank you

  • Hmmm.... this seems strange. I'll have to investigate this but will need to do so after Feb 17th. Please send it in as a bug report.

    In the meantime, do the following:
    1) Make backup
    2) Disconnect original machine so backup is not connected to anything
    3) Load patch... Isadora will find the files relative to the patch
    4) Move an actor to make the document dirty
    5) Save
    This should force the paths to be updated so that it will not look on the remote machine.
    Tell me if the workaround works or doesn't work for you.
    Best Wishes,