Apple script for a 1 year long installation!

  • hi there, I'm not familiar (yet) with apple script :( the following scenario should explain what i need!

    1) the dancers open up the art space for warm up and start the mac mini

    2) isadora should start up and start a certain file  after a delay of 2 min

    3) abelton live should start up and start a certain file after a delay of 2 min  

    4) at a certain hour the mac mini should shut down

    any suggestions are highly appreciated!

  • make an apple script to start each app, you can export the apple script as an application. You can then go to the calendar and make events that repeat as you need (skipping days you don't need). These events can open your app made with apple script (or even the app directly if you don't need to do anything else to it)

    Use the Schedule feature of Energy Saver preferences to set a time for your Mac to automatically start up, wake, sleep, restart, or shut down.

    You can also just make the apps you need to open on startup.

    A warning note, on shutdown use a script to shutdown all the open apps properly, wait for a while before you shut down the computer. Also disable apple persistence, this can really mess things up with a start up schedule.

    I have had machines running this kind of schedule for months and years. All you need to do to alter stuff this was is change a calendar event, which anyone can do.

  • @fred thats exactly my problem! no idea about apple script! and the description of your link is different than my calendar in mac high sierra! there is no alert function...

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    This would be your script to open Isadora with a delay of 120 seconds, you can do the same with ableton. Save the script as application and put it to the startup objects.

    delay 120 --time in seconds
    tell application "Isadora"
    end tell

    Best Michel

  • @gapworks I think it is now in alerts and then choose open file, I dont find any references to this dissapearing in high sierra, but I did see a few notes about setting different alert possibilities in prefrences.

  • @michel thanx a lot works great so far! @Fred same to you for your help! 

  • @michel one more question. isadora works great because i can tell to use the recent file. abelton starts with an empty file. is there a way to tell abelton what file to use?

  • @gapworks You can tell Ableton to start with a certain file in the preferences. However, I tried to use that feature before (in a similar situation than the one you have, somebody had to turn on automatically an installation) and I found it was acting a bit weird. Live open your file but it's appearing an untitled file (even though you can recognize your file) and it was not working properly time to time.

    I think you can tell your apple script to open "this file" with this "software". I would investigate that way...

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    delay 120 --time in seconds

    tell application "Finder"

    open POSIX file "path to your specific Ableton file"

    delay 10 --time in seconds

    tell application "Isadora"


    end tell

    end tell

  • OT (not so OT)

    i've tried to reach same goal in w10 and schedule  management do not start a specific izzy patch at startup, I found a whorkarund creating a .bat file that run isadora patch an then i've placed this file into startup folder...any other solutions (tryed by me) didn't works...but my workaround can not create a delay between ableton and sadora. Any ideas? or schedule management works on your machine? 

    P.S.: i'm on w10 1709

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    Hi there,

    For Windows there is AutoHotKey that works great 😀

  • @juriaan said:


     i'm giving it a wiew. thanks

  • @maximortal I use task sceduler and always up, alwaysup can monitor your application and restart it if it crashes, it has some utilities for waiting between actions.