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    Hi All,

    I am doing an Isadora introduction course on Friday the 6th April at Backstage Academy in the UK.

    I have a link to the website and the Facebook event here:



    I am qualified university lecturer and the only official pro user (and staff member) of Isadora in the UK. I have been teaching Isadora for over 10 years (wow I feel old, I'm 32 is that old?).

    The short course is ideal for those who have never used Isadora before OR, if you have but don't fully understand it yet. 

    I will be showing you a little bit of everything; enough to get you started on your own projects and develop them further. I also allow time for experimentation so you can explore the software for a while before moving on to the next step(s).

    I hope to see you there.

    If there are any questions feel free to ask.

    Regards, Graham (aka Skulpture)