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    Woopwoop, first of all I was happy to see 2.6 !! Great work all! I have a question about the capture stage to picture. I like to assign multiple capture actors, each with a different picture number. But when I assign let's say number 1 and trigger the capture, nothing is happening. I need to assign "add" first, trigger it, the choose a number and then it will follow... Is it possible to choose a number and set it off like that in the first place?


  • @barneybroomer

    One way - and I'm not saying this is *the* way, is to set your Capture Stage to Picture actor so it reads
    1 stage

    add - picture

    jpg - format

    and 01 file name

    each time you trigger a capture it will give you a unique picture numbered 01, 011, 012, 013 etc.

    OR alternatively you could have lots of Capture Picture to stage actors set like I have above but with a unique file name for each and use the sequential trigger actor to capture them, um, sequentially...

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    Thanks Mark, have to find a way what is best for this. I like to have a "fixed position" in the list during show, so actor one always pushes the jpeg's in position one in the pictures bin, actor 2, position 2 and replace them while on that position.

  • @barneybroomer

    OK, maybe this does the trick: see the attached file.
    Once I captured the initial three images I put them into the bin, then each time they're 'recaptured' the images is updated, and the picture remains in the same numbered position in the bin.
    I think the key to this is in the 'picture' setting in the capture stage to picture actor, and that the actor has replace set to 'on'. The 'picture' setting assigns the number in the bin.
    All this info is available in the context help for the actor: worth reading :-)


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    Believe me Mark, I always read it, but the initial "start" of my play needs a workaround for the first pic then. I can do it with a switch that toggles from initial "add" and after that to the corresponding number so I can overwrite it. 

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    @mark_m It is funny when I opened your file, in the picture bin it says 3 times "unassigned" then it works right like I want it.

    So I need to drag 3 black pictures in the bin first in my patch.

  • @barneybroomer

    Yeah, but that's what it says in the help for the picture input: "Note that, if you specify a specific index, a picture must already exist in that slot -- even if it is marked <unassigned> -- otherwise the picture will not appear in the media list"

    Anyhow, you're welcome.


    Mark (no, not him)

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    Thanks Mark @mark_m