Community: Do have non-ASCII text (like é, ü, ç, ø) in your files? Then we could use your help.

  • Hey folks,

    So, if any of you have non-ASCII files that were saved in older versions of Isadora (v2.2.2 or earlier would be great, but v2.5.2 is good too) then we could use a bit of help.

    We discovered a potential crash that affected one user, and I've gone through and cleaned up the code that reads text in Isadora to (hopefully) ensure it doesn't crash and imports the old files well. (Gory details: we used to save Mac files using the encoded Mac OS Roman, and Windows files using the "Active Code Page" on your machine. Now, as of v2.6.1, everything is UTF-8, which allows for any character set. But it's a bit tricky to figure out what needs converting.)

    So, if you have some files like that and a spare moment, download the build below, and then 

    1) Open the file. If it crashes, get in touch with me and let me know. (PM on the forum is fine.) If you're willing to share the file (either privately or here), that would be super helpful.

    2) If you have a bit more time, inspect the patch and make sure that the text with the non-ASCII characters looks right. If not, again, sharing the file with me would help a lot.

    Thanks in advance for those who can help.

    Best Wishes,
    Mark (mac standard) (mac usb key version) (win standard) (win usb key version)


  • Hi Mark,

    Everything seems to be working well here. (OSX 10.11.6)

    I have some scene names with "ê"

    Some user and non user actor renamed with "é" and "ê"

    Audio file n°2 contains "é"

    Here's a patch saved with 2.5.2.

    (On scene 2 you have several actors with "é" in names)

    Hope it helps.

    Best Philippe

    Maybe_Camille Sée.izz

  • I've opened up a patch that was created in 245b0 that has Chinese text in Text Draw, no crash and the text looks fine.  
    I've also created a patch using Chinese text in Text Draw in 245b10 and opened in the newest build, no crash and the text looks fine. Not sure if this is at all useful, but here's the file  text test1.izz

  • Hi Mark,

    I have tried with a 2.2.2 version of a patch with the name Abécédaire on Mac 10.13.3. No problems. I made also a file with 2.2.2 with äöüßéçê in the name, in a comment and I rename an actor with these letter. No crash by start. run correctly.



  • Dear @chimerik @fifou and @jfguiton 

    Thank so much for performing these tests. That helps me to confirm that we're good to go with v2.6.1.

    Best Wishes,