"0" speed equals video RGB @ 48 x 64?!?

  • Hi All

    Here's a weird one. Two bins of clips, a cross fader and some comparators to turn the speed of the faded-from clip to "0" while as the fader starts moving towards the next clip, the faded-to goes to speed "1." Trying to save FPS.
    Hooked up to a TH2Go. When I'm viewing fader side "A", and choose a clip from the fader-side "B" bin, the currently playing movie goes from 800x600 to 48 x 64! Right out of the movie player. Nothing modified. It does this either fader direction. Play "A," choose "B," "A" goes tiny. And vice versa. If I set the trigger value to speed 0.001, then it doesn't happen. Something I'm missing here...

  • Dear John,

    48 x 64 is the default resolution used internally by Isadora when there is "no movie." I need to see this in action to repro it.
    Please post your patch or send it to me personally with instructions on how to recreate the problem. I'll have a look.
    Best Wishes,

  • OK- happens with this patch, TH2Go, MacBookPro 2.66 Core 2 Duo; OSX 10.6.4; 4G ram; using PhotoJPEGS 800 x 600.