• Hi Folks,

    Is there a way we can empty a media bin from inside a patch? I'm building something with the Capture Stage to Picture actor and it's amazing that it imports all the JPEGs automatically, but I would like the option to empty the bin and start again using a MIDI Control Watcher or Keyboard Watcher.



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    This might be a very good feature request. 

  • Well one quick search answered my question. That would be a No then. I have the same requirement for a forthcoming project as dbini.  With further deliberation I think I can solve my problem by notching the file no and replacing within the Capture Stage to Picture actor. A 'clear media bin' feature may well be usefull though.

  • If one can deal with a limited number of pictures, a counter and 'number to text' for the file name might be friends. Here's my untidy suggestion - one might get the idea.