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    I know i have asked about this before, but it is still a mystery to me; its about the input and the output of the mapper.

    In the mapper, I am using a composite to mask out the part of the input image, but as soon as I add a grid mapper to manipulate geometry, my mask slice is disabled and I see the whole source image again.

    Is it not possible to grid warp a slice?


  • Izzy Guru


    Hard to follow your workflow really. Maybe a screen shot of screen recording would help?

    Are you maksing and then adding a grid mapper? Because the grid mapper will be treated separately not on top of the masking layer. 

  • @fubbi said:

    Is it not possible to grid warp a slice?

     No. The individual slices are individual, not cumulative. So you can't apply one mapping mode to a previous slice. You can of course make a rectangular slice and grid warp it. But you can't do the masking procedure using the composite mask and then grid warp the result of that operation.

    You'll be able to do this in the next release, because you will be able to route the output of the mapper to a virtual stage. But for the moment, you've encountered a limitation.

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  • @mark understood, obrigado