Motion tracking and mapping into costume

  • Hi

    I'm currently working on a project that consists on mapping into a costume with motion tracking.

    I was already able to make the motion tracking with an xbox Kinect camera by either following the tutorial available in this website or by combining the image of the Kinect with the eyes++ actor.

    Right now I'm trying to create the projection and my problem is how to keep it centered on the costume. Because I'm working with fabric it is quite hard to control the shape of my projection surface throughout the performance and I'm having quite a hard time figuring out how to make the projection adjust to the shape of my costume as it changes

    Any thoughts on how I could achieve a more accurate projection? Is there another way of tracking my performer more appropriately for what I want to achieve?



  • @Beatriz 

    Body tracking is one of the big trend at the moment… In Isadora, you can use eyes++ to track the silhouette, obtain the center of the body and make a very rough approximation of the pattern following. But don't forget Kinect is a game tool, if you need more precise body mapping, you need to search into the field of motion capture where you can find solutions. Not the same price, not the same job but it works. 

  • @jhoepffner

    I’m aware of the limitations of the Kinect but because this is actually a college project I’m trying to see until where I can go with the equipment I have available and if after all I feel like I need to go further I’ll try and check other methods.

    Thank you!