Isadora windows 10 trojan issue (false positive)

  • Isadora executable is quarantined and deleted by windows defender as it is recognized as an Azden.A!cl virus. I the issue several times on at least a couple of different computers. It coincided with a recent windows 10 update- late December 2017. 

    At one point It also deleted the installer and the place had a very slow connection. I was using a pre-release of 2.6  but the issue occured the other day on a different machine using 2.6.1.

    The only workaround I found awas to add an exception in windows defender settings for /program files x86/isadora

    screenshots attached

  • Tech Staff


    I noticed all the dialogs / warnings have changed with the latest windows update again.

    Not sure how to deal with the defender issue, other than what you mention. I generally dont use defender, I find it affects my system performance.

    I know @mark is investigating windows code signing.