AudioUnits in Isadora

  • Hi - I've been using Isadora for some time now to do work with images but only recently started to use the audio functions. I have IsadoraCore installed (1.3.0f22) on a MacBook Pro (10.6.8) but I do not see any CoreAudio AUs in the Audio section. I run Logic on the same computer and find all the AU plugins there where I expect them to be. What am I missing? /Andrew

  • Hello, there's a video and an audio Core upgrade. These are 2 seperate beasts. Did you get both of them?

  • Ah ha! Ok - I didn't realise these were paid upgrades. Thanks for the tips, I'll get onto it! /Andrew

  • Tech Staff

    Both upgrades are well worth it. ;)

  • Tech Staff

    This may shed some light also:

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