Recommendations for inexpensive 4K Camera

  • Dear All,

    We need to start testing Isadora with 4K cameras. I don't actually have one, and so I'll need to purchase something. Since I don't need this for anything but testing, can someone recommend a 4K camera with an external output compatible with a Blackmagic converter that won't break my bank? ;-)

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  • Hi Mark,

    I guess you need SDI signal, what about using a computer and an HDMI>SDI 4K converter ?



  • Dear Mark,

    I use extensively Panasonic Lumix and with GH4, GH5 and GH5S you have a clean 4K hdmi output with all the different possibilities (UHD, C4K, 8bits, 10bits, 24p, 25p, 30p, 50i,50p, 60i, 60p). It's not the cheapest one but perhaps you can rent or borrow one. The cheap ones, as goPro have not all the setting possibilities and Blackmagic drivers are sometime difficult with that.


  • @jhoepffner

    The cheaper Panasonic cameras (like the GX85) should retain the clean 4K HDMI out as well, might be worth a look.  Alternately I'm using the Sony A6300 for an Isadora project and it's treated me well so far.  

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    A while ago I stumbled upon the Logitech Brio 4K ±250€ 
    I don't think its very good but is there anyone who tried it?

    Groeten Gertjan

  • @gertjanb said:

    Logitech Brio

     But is not a HDMI camera, only USB web camera working with Windows. Mark is searching (I think) for HDMI output 4K camera to test with BlackMagic card, not the same league.

  • @mark https://www.blackmagicdesign.c... needs a lens but any mft will do and with an arduino and the sdi sheild you can remote camera settings.

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    @fred said:

    arduino and the sdi sheild you can remote camera settings.


    I like the idea of this blackmagic camera, thanks for introducing it. It doesn’t appear to have a viewfinder, but as a remotely controlled and rigged device - the specs look good.

    I am currently using two Sony A7R II - I love them for documenting productions because they perform so well in low light, but they are not the cheapest 4K option.

    Best wishes


  • Get the Sony ALPHA 6300 or 6500, its just under a grand, it is the best camera out there in that range, hands down! I even know people who have downgraded from the A7 because of the dynamic autofocus of the 6300/6500, which is amazing if you want to do gimbal/drone shots.

    let me know if you want to play with mine before deciding

    it will give you berautiful 4k sLog3 footage so you can play with the new LUT stuff in izzy. And it does 100fps at 1080 which is fun