• Hi, I'm looking for an OSC App for IOS (iPhone) that I can customize the user interface. I'd like to use only 4 buttons and be able to label them and create unique ID's.

    Since Isadora is my tool for everything, I'm experimenting with audience polling and tying to find a way of getting input data. I don't even know if the computer is capable of collecting so much at once.

    Like I said experimenting at this stage.

  • I would recommend Touch OSC for an affordable solution.

    I also recommend Lemur if you want a very robust solution that comes with price tag that matches its features.

    Both should allow you to create the kind of 4 button interface you are looking for - though I am not sure how you should best address the scaling of this method to multiple input devices.


  • @aolis said:

     would recommend Touch OSC for an affordable solution.

     +1 on that suggestion. It's super easy to create new interfaces for it. Highly recommended.

    Best Wishes,

  • Thanks, TouchOSC Editor is nice and easy.