• I've upgraded to v2 recently and was updating my old projects. I've found that my Quicktime VR movies doesn't work anymore. They appear black in the project manager, and the output of the players is just black. You can see the content if you put the cursor over the output node, but nothing goes out of the output wires...

    The projects used the old Movie Player VR. I've tried it with the new Movie Player, but nothing.

    I know Isadora is getting away from Quicktime, but I'd really like to be able to play back my Quicktime VR movies. It was really cool to be able to move them around.

  • Hi @jaimun ,

    If you go into your preferences->General-> user interface: uncheck the box for "hide deprecated...." then you'll find back all your old actors (including movie VR)

  • Izzy Guru

    I actually looked at this last week and the Classic Quicktime VR no longer works. Not on Windows 10 and Izzy 2.6.1 anyway. 

  • @jaimun 

    I must admit I haven't tested this in ages. We're going to lose QuickTime in September when the new Mac OS comes out, so I wouldn't really recommend using QuickTime VR for anything in the future. That said, I'll take a look and see if something can be done without too much trouble.

    Best Wishes,

  • @maxime I can see them, just by opening my old patch. But they just produce black output.