• I am currently helping to engineer projections for Contemporary Dance of Oklahoma at the University of Oklahoma, and I have come across quite the predicament. Part of the show will have three different screens on which live feed videos of the action are projected. We currently do not have cameras with which to do this, and I was wondering what the best products would be in the line of webcams, security cameras, or camcorders to help accommodate the requirements. These will also need to feed through a USB port, and be enabled for individual control (the screens will have different live videos playing simultaneously, so the cameras will need a selective-control feature)

  • Izzy Guru

    Mac, PC?

    And if so what OS? Machine specs, etc....
    We need to know much more about your system please. As windows have a wide variety of (cheaper) analogue capture cards, Mac is a little bit more tricky.

  • Does this need to be digital? could it be done with a vision mixer? something like an Edirol V8 or a matrix switcher.