Playing Audio MOV on Windows. No volume control + speed control.

  • Tech Staff

    I am trying to use the Sound Movie Player on windows, and after some playing around now have it running smoothly (make sure 'threaded movie playback' is set off, or your vpo will go crazy).
    But, I have no control of Volume, or speed.
    I need to be able to pause playback with a fadedown on pause, and back up on resume.

    Has anyone else come across these issues? any solutions?

  • Hi,
    There are some volume control issues with movie player in f25. Waht version do you use ?
    I'm still using f24 because of that...

  • Tech Staff

    ah, I just switched to f25. I will test in f24.

  • Tech Staff

    f25 was the problem.
    As a note, I moved from f24 because of preformance problems I was having with QT audio.
    I have found that the play audio mov actor, hates the use threaded playback option (I have always had it on in f24). Turning this off improved my VPO/cycle rate greatly.
    F24 is now working perfectly for my current project.

  • Dear DusX,

    The problem you encountered in f25 is fixed for a later version. But I'm working on some Windows efficiency issues at the moment. As soon as f27 is ready, I'll be posting it in the forum..
    Best Wishes,