Windows optimization

  • Can someone please share any and all possible optimizations for Windows?

    I am using window 7 64 bit
    with an intel i7-2600k@3.40Ghz
    16GB RAM
    Isadora 1.3.of24
    I have an important few shows coming up and i would like to have Isadora running as fast as possible and i wa shoping to get some tips

  • Tech Staff

    What outputs are you using? And what size?

    Single screen? HD, HDMI output?
    Any video inputs,etc?

  • i am using an eyefinity with 5 outputs with crossfire enabled, no video in for this show, 5X1280X1024 screens

  • Tech Staff

    I would have to highly recommend compressing your video with Microsoft expression encoder. Using native windows codec for HD content had proven to be very effiecient for me. NOTE: this only works if you will be playing them at regular speed forward. Looping is ok, if I remember correctly.
    I am in a habit now of compressing all my footage to both an HD windows format and multiple scaled quicktime mjpeg. This way I can live mix as I please.

  • DusX speaks the truth. Use windows native codecs when you can -- much more efficient than QuickTime formats. But if you're scrubbing the video using the 'position' input, or want to play movies at a speed other than 1, you must use QuickTime as the Windows playback mechanism doesn't support anything other than forward playback and normal speed.

    Also, Patrick, using 5 x 1280 x 1024 is going to tax any system, especially if the video is of a matching resolution. You may need to investigate an SSD drive to keep things running smoothly.
    Best Wishes,

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