Controlling Isadora via ETC Ion

  • I had a lot of trouble finding a way to get the current cue from our ion to trigger cues on Isadora.

    I found lots of posts for controlling the ion via Isadora, but not as much vice versa.

    I so badly wanted to get the fire cue osc command to be the trigger for Isadora but each cue had a unique string so I couldn't really figure out how to get the cue number from that sting. It the cue fire command had a null string.

    After looking through the strings being sent, it seemed that "/eos/out/active/cue/text" was the key that I needed. with that I was able to pull the cue number and get a percentage complete.

    So I was able to make an osc actor that had in input for a cue to listen for and when the active cue was equal to the target cue it sent out a trigger, in my case to jump to the next cue. I am going to further change it so the fade time is also a published input.

    I hope I explained my process well enough. I attached a picture of the actor.

  • @wotrombone Anyone have the photo that OP posted?

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    I don't, but I'd wager that @Juriaan might be able to help if they have time. I stick to MIDI Show Control for the most part...

    Best wishes,


  • Awesome work OP ! What is your question ? Or it this a 'Share my actor' post ;)

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    OP explained their method and said they attached a picture of their actor, but apparently didn't post the picture. Since we were just talking about something similar, I thought you might be the best person to turn to about this.

  • To get the Cue and have a trigger when the Cue is complete (So 100%) we need to do some Text parsing in Isadora to get the right fields, if you combine that with a comperator you can actually get a trigger when a new cue has started and use that signal for a Jump To Scene Actor.

    If you need any help with that, let me know. Currently preparing a show for tomorrow...

    - Juriaan

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    By all means, prepare for your show. This can wait. 

    Break a leg!

  • I can't believe I didn't attach the images! Here you go! edit: I edited the original post. Edit2: I couldn't see the images so I also put them in this reply. 


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