play and analyse sounds with sound player

  • Hi,

    is there a way to import sounds to Isadora, play them with the sound player object and then analyse them with level watcher and the frequency tool?

    Or do I still have to convert them into a videofile format?

    thanks for feedback!


  • You can make a loop, sending to sound flower (on Mac), receiving and analyzing in Isadora. I think the easiest way is to use movie file, movie player and frequency band.

  • Tech Staff

    Hi there @inst,

    Sadly you can't use it directly on a movie player :(

    Personally I use MAX MSP for the sound analysing part and send it over to Isadora using OSC (OpenSoundControl), really easy with the CNMAT externals.

    - Juriaan

  • HI @Juriaan

    thanks for your replay. Yes I normaly use a second PC with Pd and just take the audio input on PC1 with Isadora.

    But for testing I thought there might be a simple solutiion with the Isadora Pc only.