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    I am looking for a wireless miniature camera that I can put inside a stethoscope and use as a prop on stage. This camera would ideally send a live signal to Isadora which I would manipulate and project. The things that I’ve been able to find online either seem too cheap to be reliable, or incompatible with Isadora/Windows 10. 

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    Hi Hugh,

    my suggestion would be to do it in two parts: a wired miniature camera going to a wireless transmitter. Presumably we see an actor wearing the stethoscope?
    Could they conceivably have a transmitter in a pocket or belt-pack, and the wire from stethoscope to transmitter be concealed by, say, spectacles, or tucked into hair on their upstage side? 
    There's no shortage of reliable video transmitters - Teradek, for example, have a good range - and you're more likely to find a decent miniature camera that's wired than wireless.

    I'm using Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt to get HDMI at 1080 into my Windows machines. Proved very reliable so far.

  • There are some very small 5.8ghz wireless spy/drone cameras that might help you. google is your friend.

  • Thanks for your responses.

    @mark_m Unfortunately, everything has to be contained in the stethoscope. Or, I suppose, if there were 2 transmitters (one on the actor, one on the wall where the thing gets hung up) and an easy way to plug/unplug the camera, that might work.

    @Fred I've been googling like crazy and it's the lack of suitable solutions that brought me here! For example, most of the tiny camera's I find are either not wireless or need a dedicated app to work. 

    I confess I hadn't thought about the idea of 2 transmitters. I'll think on that.


  • @citizenjoe here is a fast find it is only the camera part, but it looks small enough to put in a stethescope and then have the cable running through the stethescope (they are usually just a hollow tube). From there you need to send the video signal, something like this would do also small and light weight and ready for battery power, then at the other end you have a receiver with a composite out. You definately wont get an amazing image with a camera this small but you will get an image.

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