TCP Streams?

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    I was wondering if there is a way to get more than 4 streams on the stream id of the TCP stream control and TCP Send Data. Is this a restriction of TCP/IP or in Isadora?

    I essentially want to send pjlink commands to more than 4 projectors at a time. I can send to 4 easily by assigning a separate stream id for each command. Ideally I want to avoid having to offset the timing of commands.

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    I don't know if this is a limitation of the TCP library (@mark) being used, but it is a current Isadora limitation.

    If you don't need tight timing on the commands you can chain the usage of the 4 streams. The stream IDs can be reused as soon as the current command is cleared.

  • @cambrucedavis said:

    I essentially want to send pjlink commands to more than 4 projectors at a time.

    The limitation is in Isadora. When I added this feature, I simply didn't think people would need more than four at a time. I spent some time to see if there was a way around this in Javascript, but it can't access an arbitrary port. From a very brief reading it seems like it could be possible if you run NodeJS on your computer and then use – though I can't say for sure. (@DusX ?) Anyway... I'm afraid I cannot offer a simple solution to this.

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    @mark @cambrucedavis 

    Javascript doesn't offer any external ports as included in the V8 engine, those features are browser specific.
    So unfortunately it is no help in this situation.

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