​Capture camera to disk problem with Blackmagic Thunderbolt Devices

  • Here's an odd one:

    I have a couple of Blackmagic Thunderbolt devices, an Ultrastudio Mini Recorder, and an Intensity Shuttle. Windows 10, Isadora 2.6.1

    As input devices they work just fine with the Video In Watcher actor, however I cannot get the input to capture to disk at all using the Capture Camera To Disk actor.  I can capture the input using a video in watcher to a stage, and using the Capture Stage to Movie actor, but not the input directly.

    In the Live Capture Settings I have Driver: Blackmagic selected, and can see the preview image.
    When I trigger the Capture Camera To Disk actor Isadora goes through the motions: the red "camera" flashes in the lower right hand corner, but when I stop capturing, no file has been created in the specified captured media folder, and nothing appears in the media bin.
    If I try and switch the driver from Blackmagic to Apple, and choose either Blackmagic WDM capture or Decklink Capture from the dropdown list Isadora crashes or quits instantly.

    Is anyone able to test this for me so I can try and figure out if it's my systems or an issue elsewhere?
    Mark (t'other one)

  • @DusX @Skulpture @Fred 
    Are any of you using BM capture devices? If so can you try/test this for me? If it's not working for you, too - and it ain't working for me on either of my Windows machines - then I'll submit proper bug report.

  • Hi Mark!

    I have the same issue on my MacBook Pro.

    Selecting the Apple driver allows me to record to disk. But the Apple driver does not support all formats (no 1080p25).

    So, no crashing on a Mac.

    With the Blackmagic driver selected, recording does not work.

    Maybe this workaround helps:

    Route the Video In Watcher to a Projector, which is set to an unused Stage.

    The stage needs to be set in the preferences panel: Set it to an inexistent Display.

    The stage window needs to be floating somewhere on your main screen. Then you can grab the video stream via the Capture Stage to Movie Actor.

    I hope this helps. But a proper Blackmagic driver implementation would be sweet.


  • @keve

    Thanks a lot for confirming that issue and for confirming the workaround. Makes me think that if Isadora can capture the stage to a movie it should be able to capture the input directly.
    I'll file a bug report.
    Thanks, Kevin!
    Mark (not him)

  • Just bumping this up: @DusX I submitted a bug report on this. Anyone had a chance to test this yet?