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    I'm wondering about a feature that I really can't find, that maybe doesn't exist: Does Isadora have a way to **change** an actor in a patch without losing the strings/attachments to the other Actors? I know that it may seems a lazy question! But when we have to replace an Actor in a complete show that sounds a little frustrating!
    Thanks all for the help, and cheers for the fantastic community!
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  • Izzy Guru


    No this isn't possible.
    How would an actor with multiple inputs and outputs know which inputs and outputs to connect/reconnect to when replaced?
    I imagine even if it guessed you'd end up replacing them anyway. It could become more of an annoyance if anything.
  • Beta Tester

    If you think you're going to have to change an actor at some point, wrap it in a user actor to begin with and you'll be good to go. I've gotten in a habit of building multi scene projects entirely out of user actors to make changes down the road infinitely easier.

  • @MatthewH
    I like that idea. Specially if you are not sure what Actor you are going to use in a point. So far I have replaced the actors by inserting the new one first and making all the connections before deleting the old one. Sometimes it is very hard to remember where to connections came from and where they were going.

  • I think that it would be great if you could grab a connection (from the beginning or end) and reconnect it to a different actor. ┬áThat way one could place the new actor and pull the connections over from the old one as one saw fit.

  • Thanks all for the replies, and thanks Matthew for the great idea, I'm not usual with the user Actor and I'm happy that I will need to learn it to go ahead!

    Once again, I'm very happy and proud for the shared knowledge here!
    Sorry my bad english, Have a good day all,

  • Maybe the "node" (feature request stage) function will help to solve this.
    But maybe it's too complicated to implement this function into Isadora.


  • In Max/MSP there is a neat function called "Paste Replace" that will do exactly that. Of course it's not always the ideal solution, concerning the proper assignment of inlets and outlets, but most of the times, you wouldn't replace an actor with something completely different I guess. I would appreciate having such a paste mode in Isadora! But Matthew's method seems nice as well, especially when you have multiple scenes and want to change them structurally...

  • Izzy Guru

    You can do what you are asking for, but it only works for the end connection, select the line you want to disconnect hit cmd+3 and the end of the line gets disconnected and is fetched by the mouse, no you can place the end to a new input. Alternatively you can hover the mouse near the endpoint and a red dot with a white x will appear, now press the mouse button and pull the connection off.
    I use the cmd+3 shortcut very often.


  • @Michel,

    I can't believe I've been using Isadora for so long without knowing this handy feature.