Izzy file corrupting when attempting to make more then 292 scenes

  • Hey all, I'm using Izzy to run SuperTitles for an opera

    This means I have a ton of scenes and I'm having a problem once I create more than 292 scenes.

    I was creating scenes throughout and realized when I would try to go to the final scene the list of scenes at the bottom would disappear.

    I've currently gotten around the problem by splitting my Act 1 and Act 2 into different files but if anyone is aware of this bug or knows away around it I'd be very appreciative.

    I'm using a 15" Mac Book Pro running High Sierra V10.13.3


  • 292 scenes ? And you can still breath ?

  • @juriaan It was just a few lines of translation text in each scene. So we go through them pretty fast.

  • @jericksondesign

    If the scenes are only Text then perhaps it is a good pratice to use a data text array.

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    There's a nice 'read text from file' actor which I use in conjunction with the TextDraw actor for sub/surtitling.
    It does what it says on the tin, and with a bit of ingenuity you can easily go forwards and backwards for rehearsal as well as for running shows.

    A LOT easier and lighter weight than making image files for each surtitle.

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    For Surtitling a show, I would go for Glypheo :

    It's free, it's stable, it handles multi surtitles tracks and it has native syphon output, if you want to have it into Isadora.



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    please open a support ticket and include your isadorable file that is causing the  trouble. 

    The support link is in my signature.

    There should not be a limit (definitely not at that number) so it would be helpful to take a look at the file.



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