Procedure for updating actors in Global toolbox

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    I am trying to update a few instances of an actor in a rather large project, with an updated version that I developed in another patch/project.

    What I have been trying is.

    Empty my Global toolbox folder.
    Open latest project, and send actor to Global toolbox. (I see it copied to the folder.)
    Close this project.
    Open the other project (the actor had previously been sent to global toolbox).
    No update.

    Another attempt.

    clear global toolbox.
    Open larger project.
    Send actor to global toolbox. (see file in folder)
    close project
    Open new project, send actor to global toolbox. Click yes, write over current actor with same name.
    Close project.
    Open larger project again.
    Check user actor. Still the old outdated version, no update made.

    Am I missing a step? How can I get a project to use the actors in the global toolbox?

  • Dear DusX -- well, the big question here is this: are the internal, unique ID's of the two user actors you intend to replace the same. What I mean by this is, when you choose "New Instance" when saving an actor, a new unique ID is created for the new instance. At that point, the actors no longer are considered to be the same.

    If you like, you can send me two of your user actors (i.e., the old "My User Actor" and the new "My User Actor") and I can compare the two IDs for you to see if they match or not. If they do, then I'll look further into the problem.
    mark [atta] troikatronix [dotta] com
    Best Wishes,
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    Ah, this helps.
    I wasn't sure how they were being ID'ed. I am betting that somewhere along the line in the new project that the user actor was updated as a new instance.
    I guess some sort of Replace actor feature might be worth while in the future. Maybe a toolbox manager palette.
    Or the option to replace actors, with a new actor if its in the global toolbox with the same name but a new ID (like my case).
    I will send the files just incase they are a match (i'm doubting it now).

    PS: I love working in Izzy.. wish I could show off all the great things I am making :)

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    I would agree that some sort of improved user interface for managing user actors would be awesome. Especially on projects where I'm editing patches that are subsequently ending up on lots of different playback computers, things can get a bit tricky.

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    I am using a collection of actors (my framework) for a number of different projects now.. and have been having some trouble maintaining/updating them globally. A big part has been my lack of true understanding [but I'm working on that ;)