Projection Mapping Hardware Advice

  • Hi All, I'm new to the world of projection mapping. and working on a project for my Uni.

    We want to create a projection in a 11m wide by 6m high and 40m long tunnel.
    Did some rough experiments which showed 6 projectors should do the job.

    I was wondering what hardware would you recommend?
    What GPU should I go for?
    Two Quadro Cards or something more simple with Matrox TripleHead2Go boxes or similar?

    Projector wise I was thinking about the Optoma GT7760A?
    My budget per projector is 1000$ (6000$ total) max.
    Maybe another 1000$ for the GPUs / Splitters.
    What do you think?

    I don't need perfectly aligned edges (which I understand could be a problem with cheaper projectors) or 8k quality, it will be a one-day event.

    attaching a schematic of my plan.


  • @yurikleb stick to a single GPU, much less headaches, you may be able to use a 1080ti with 2 MST hubs, or a 1080ti and a datapath to get your 7 outputs. At any rate the quadro gear is aimed at precision 3d, and will have less power for money than a more appropriate GPU.

    For projectors look at rental if it is not a long term project, for 1000 bucks you wont get much of a projector, 3400 lumens is fine in a dark room that is not too big.

  • Thank you for the advise!

    Will check rental prices.

    we already have a GTX 1080 (not ti) on our VR testing machine, will try to squeeze as much as possible out of it.