Request for Capture Stage to Disk actor behavior change

  • I’m working on a project with Capture Stage to Disk -actor. As it now works and Isadora Manual states, the “replace” function (on/off) is “only used when triggering the ‘start’ input”. It would be very very useful if “replace” function could be registered when triggering the ‘stop’ input (or could be chosen when it be registered).

    In my project I would need the patch to measure and record the live cam input, and only if there’s “action” the previously captured video would be replaced. (And if there’s no “action”, the file would not be replaced.) I cannot know beforehand whether there’s “action” or not. The project involves more than one recorded files and their numbering, which would become impossible if I need to renumber them due to rejection of “no-action” captures.

    The newly captured file is replaced only after stopping capture and the previous file (with the same name) is readable until replacement. So, I don’t see a reason why couldn’t the “replace value” (on/off) be registered when triggering the ‘stop’ input.

    Could the above mentioned function be added/changed to the Capture Stage to Disk actor?

    Thanks in advance,