Receive DMX IN from a lighting board to ENTTEC controllers

  • Hi,

    I have some problemes with DMX USB Pro ENTTEC. Here is what i want to do.

    I want to connect connect a lighting board to a "DMX ENTTEC controller" to receive DMX data from the lighting board.

    I have found somes patches on differents forum.With theses patch, I'm able to send DMX to the lights but I receive no "DMX IN" from the lighting board.

    When I close Isadora, it's work but, in the moment when I open the application, I don't receive information from DMX IN

    Does someone have a solution

    Thank you very much.

    (sorry for my bad english)

    P.S I have join a image to show what I want to do


  • Tech Staff

    Hi @gaspardphilippe,

    Could you please share your Izzy file, if the forum doesn't accept the format then just zip it :)

  • Tech Staff

    try entering:

    {{ 7E 05 }}
    chan_1 : integer = ?
    chan_2 : integer = ?
    chan_3 : integer = ?
    chan_4 : integer = ?

    into the Edit Serial Input Parser, of a Serial In Watcher (text)

    The EOM I am unsure. but if you have a data stream you can prpbably just adjust this input until you have the data correctly.

  • @dusx said:

    {{ 7E 05 }}5?chan_1 : integer = ?chan_2 : integer = ?chan_3 : integer = ?chan_4 : integer = ?

     Hi Dusk thank you for your help:

    I have made what you tell me to do but when I change the EOM char input, i have this message:

    The input buffer for the "serial in watcher" is full, Accumulated data has been discarded

    In fact, I don't understand what I'm supposing to enter in the EOM char and what is the signification of this.

    Do you think, it is the lenght of the message ?


  • Tech Staff


    It is the 'End Of Message' delimiter. So it's the character at the end of the dmx message.

  • Tech Staff

    It should match the 'postfix' from the Matrix Value Receive (so that the formats are the same).

    It is 'E7' or '231' as decimal.