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    Just wondering if anyone has created a patch in Isadora to capture stop motion animations?

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  • i made something simple for a potential public artwork where the public would be presented with a monitor and a button (midi cc) and the results would be projected onto a large wall. the animation would build up over time as more people add their frames.

    here's the first draft:

  • oh. didn't attach...

  • lets try a screengrab....

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    I have, although not a 100% Isadora based.

    My solution interfaces an openframeworks background project that controls a canon dslr, captures images, builds animated gif and transfers the files via email and tcpip Post to a specified website. All images and video (gif playback) is shared to an Isadora front end via Spout.  Communications between apps is handled mostly with OSC and some via a custom izzy plugin.

    Isadora provides a menu UI to select a theme, video output, mapping and background selection  (stop motion is taken with projected backgrounds) via a image player UI that is linked via osc to the image capture OF project.

    Externally configured via Json and Xml.

    This was before the new capture actors, so I had less Izzy native options to work with at the time.

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    ah. . Another more recent project builds a buffer of frames taken from a live feed and then plays them back at a specified frame rate. 

    The number of frame buffers is dependent on memory (I think I used 120 HD frames), but it was pretty easy to create. It would now be easy to add a movie capture to the output to have records saved as well.

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    Hi @dbini, @DusX,

    Thanks so much for your comments and suggestions. I have built a patch that will go some of the way towards a stop motion rig that captures scale sets and puppets. However, I am a bit stuck working with the media bins. I don't see a way to work with the content of media bins or linked content in external folders. Any tips for this aspect? I have also noticed that rebuilding media bins from an external folder does not appear to sort the import via numerical order - so re-importing captured picture files for processing is problematic.

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    Stop Motion Patch