Isadora keeps needing reactivating: I'm getting really fed up...

  • It seems like each time I plug in a different HDD to the computer I'm working on, Isadora reverts to demo mode and I have to burn another registration.
    I'm prepping for a show and the computer doesn't have ethernet or wifi connection in the venue, so I have to hook up via iPhone to get a new reg code.
    This is a massive PITA and I'm worried that, come the dress rehearsal - let alone the show -  I won't have any registrations left.

    Why does this keep happening? What hardware does Isadora look at to decide that it's a different computer? Surely the licence should be locked to the things that make up the machine: motherboard and CPU, not the HDDs?

    Yours feduply

    Mark M

  • Izzy Guru


    Dear Mark

    This should definitely not happen, this must be a bug. Did you file a proper bug report so Ryan/Monty or Lucas can try to recreate it?

    Best Michel

  • Tech Staff


    This absolutely should not be happening, please file a support ticket. 

    Once you submit a ticket, I will mark it as "URGENT" in our system since you have a dress rehearsal and show approaching.

    You can find the link to submit a support ticket in my signature.

    Best wishes,


  • Tech Staff

    I have seen this. I had a usb key (128 gb) that did this for a period. Then it stopped and I couldnt find a way to reproduce it. 

    What is the drive formatting, is it fat?

  • @michel @Woland @DusX 

    This has just happened again.
    Have emailed the support address and I have now filed bug report: #4502523 and via email #4502521

    Ryan, drive is formatted NTFS.

    I would really appreciate someone resetting my registrations ASAP, please.
    Show are next weekend:

  • Tech Staff


    The fat thing was just a thought.. My USB key stopped doing this to me once I reformatted it NTFS.

    Ill try to get to the bottom of this.

  • Tech Staff


    Please see if there is any pattern to the problem in regards to the connection of the device being before of after Isadora startup, and the removing of the device before or after Isadora starts up.
    I had found that it seemed that I could toggle the behaviour by attaching/detaching the device. Unfortunately, before I could verify the pattern, it stopped occurring.

  • @dusx

    Best I can say was that last night Isadora was fine. Ran the show, powered down computer.
    Today I came in, swapped the TB cable for the Intensity to an external TB drive, powered up computer. Opened Isadora a while later, got the notice that it had reverted to demo mode.
    Can't say for sure what caused the last two deactivations, but it had to do with replacing HDDs, possibly TB ones, possibly directly attached to internal SATA system (I have them in hot-plug caddies).
    Am reluctant to experiment unless you can set me up with infinite reactivations :-) 

  • My original Isadora v1 is on the hard disc of my Mac laptop. The disc filled up, I put it into an external caddy to access the data. Laptop has new internal HDD now.

    When I connect the external drive, Isadora v1 is in demo mode.

    I can't imagine how frustrating the experience is in a show condition.

  • @mark_m said:

    Today I came in, swapped the TB cable for the Intensity to an external TB drive, powered up computer. Opened Isadora a while later, got the notice that it had reverted to demo mode.

     Dear Marc,

    I'm really sorry for your problems with this. It's a rare condition, and happens as Ryan has indicated previously when adding drives, swapping them out, etc. We've tried several times to recreate this, but have never been able to do so. If you are willing to get on the phone/Skype with Ryan, maybe talking it through would allow us to recreate the problem on our end and solve it for you. Are you willing to receive a phone call from him and talk it through?

    Best Wishes,

  • @mark

    Thanks for picking up on this. Am mid production week at the moment but really happy to investigate this with Ryan week after next. Would be great to get to the bottom of it!

    Thanks a lot