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    i am planing a sound/light-installation for an exhibition. I want to play 5 different sounds via 5 movieplayers. Now I want to output the sounds each to a diffenernt loudspeaker. Is ths possible with Isadora? I will need a 5.1. Soundcard, right?
    I am not not sure if that would be a solution, but I wanted to try with the "Sound Output Setup" but it is deactivated since I am am on windows.

    Does anyone have an idea?
    Thanks in advance,

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    this will really depend on hardware.

    The movie player allows you to select the sound device. That is where you will set the output. If your hardware lists multiple outputs you will be able to send the sound from each movie play to the defined output. I do not know how this works with 5.1 again it will depend on how the hardware defines the outputs.

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    No offense, but I don't think this is possible with the Windows version of Isadora. Devices with multiple outputs are not regonized by Isadora as multiple audio output devices. On Mac it it a different story.


    Personally I use something like Max for the Audio..

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    I am not on PC but here is a thread from @gunther talking about a solution for windows: https://community.troikatronix...

    Best Michel

  • @niknaim For the last few versions (I have not checked with the current) the multi channel audio routing was seriously buggy and not useable. I had filed a bug report but never saw it come through listed as a fix nor did I check again. However, you can do this on windows in a not amazingly flexible way. First, you need to be playing AVI files, so a hap AVI is ideal, you willl need to install the renderheads direct show filter for this http://renderheads.com/product... . Next (this is the inflexible part) create multi chanel audio files (say 7.1 for 4 stereo pairs), for each movie create a muiltichannel wav file that has the audio on the appropriate tracks for each. Use virtual dub to mux the movie and audio together http://www.virtualdub.org/ play the movies with isadora and make sure the direct show engine is in use.

    You will also need a 5.1 or 7.1 capable audio interface, basically a sound card with enough outputs configured in windows as 5.1 or 7.1.

    The audio of the movies will now play from discreet outputs as you layed them out in the multichannel wav.

    Check this


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    a new KnowledgeBase article covering the creation of Hap Avi files.


  • Thanks for all your ideas. I tried some, but in the end its indeed a quite comlicated prcedure and not felxible engoungh for my setup. Since I am on Windows anyway the Sound-Output-Setup deonst work. I found now a way by sourcing out the audiofiles to Touch-Designer and controllling them via midi and the loopMidi-software.

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    I did a quick test yesterday and was able to route 2 movies with audio to separate sounds cards in my machine.  

    There is a hidden input on the movie player that you can expose by double clicking the 'eye' icon. It allows you to select the audio device used for the playback.

    Some audio cards expose multiples outputs, another option is a virtual mixer like VoiceMeeter Banana.

    Audio Device Selection

  • @dusx

    on my laptop changing that option do nothing

  • Shame on me, wrong settings on win. I'm currently able to switch between USB sound card (seen only 2 CH but i blame audio driver for that) and integrated audio card

  • Thats it. I was just looking at the audio output settings, didnt expect it in the inputs. Thanks Ryan!