Crashing on quit.

  • I am running Isadora 2.6.1 on MacOS 10.12.6.

    Every time I start Isadora is says that the preferences are corrupt.  I have deleted the preferences and started again, the problem persists.

    Also, every time I quit Isadora, it hangs and I have to force quit.

    Thanks for your help!

    ps - first time on this forum, suspicious that all the topics in this "toubleshooting" are are 6 years I in the wrong place?

  • Tech Staff


    Welcome to the forum. I'm part of the Isadora Technical Support Team. There's a known issue where searched topics do not display chronologically.

    That being said, if you submit a support ticket by using the link in my signature, I'd be happy to assist you with your issue.

    Best wishes,



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