Video format for surround sound

  • Hi,
    I'm using my win 7 64 bit system for a show.  One of the video pieces has surround sound (4 outputs).
    I've filmed in SD and want to output at 1024x768.
    Is it best to use quicktime?  If so I know the container is .mov but what codec should I use?
    Thank you,
  • Tech Staff

    Why have you decided on 1024x768 as your output size? Is it do to the projector you are using?
    Recommended Quicktime codec is Photo Jpeg (pjpeg). You can read a breakdown here but that is what is generally best practice for Isadora.
    What is important is that your total data-rate is within the capabilities of your harddrive. Remember what ever audio codec you use (not sure what will support surround) will be adding to your data-rate.

    I also work on Windows, and if you only want to play the movie forward at regular speed (you loose speed and direction control) you might want to compress to a HD format in native windows format using Expression Encoder (its available for free from microsoft), and use the play windows media natively feature.

  • I'm using a set of old CRT monitors that look awful at 800x600, so plumped for 1024x768 - but on further thought i just need to set the resolution of the projector/screen

    to that and compress to 720x576, i guess?  The slight change in aspect ratio doesn't cause any issues.
    I'll take a look at the links you have provided,
    Thanks for the reply and advice.
  • Tech Staff

    Its just that I often work at 1024x768, but find SD content doesn't scale as sharp. I prefer to drop my footage down to 512x384, for 2 reasons, I feel that its sharper when doubled up to 1024, and shaving the SD down gives me a lot more room to play with FX. But that's just me, and is just personal preference.