• Hi, I'm trying to use live drawing actor for a performance but i need to align screen coordinates  between live drawing and shape actor. If you look at my patch (is just a showcase to verify how to do things not the final project) and you go on second scene (more simple) when you move the mouse around the shape and the line origin are overlaped only horizzontally. Vertically they overlap only in the center, then when you move to top and bottom edges overlapping fail and also the bias is not linear from center to edges. 

    Am I doing something wrong or it is a bug?

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  • that is really weird. rescaling seems to have no effect, or the wrong effect, on the Live Drawing vert pos input. it looks like it might be a bug in the Live Drawing actor.

  • @dbini

    for now i've used a workaround. Manually I found that for my screen size the screen edges are 28 and -28 then with a limit scale value I've correct em and now it works ( so the bias is linear and not curve)