Start Isodora and set-up when PC starts up

  • I'm Working at a Science Center in NL and for a installation i need to mirror-image a webcam feed.
    To my understanding, this is easy work for Isodora.

    My question:
    I want to have Isodora start when the PC starts-up, and also to keep its settings and the program i made to have the webcam mirror-image.
    So we dont have to start the program by hand when the science center opens in the morning.

    thanks for the reaction in advance.
    With kind regards,

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    This is easy to do. To add Isadora to start up (depending on your Operating System) follow these steps:

    You can also make some changes in Isadora preferences to auto-show stages and play.

  • Thanks a lot. I was expacting an e-mail when somebody would react/post. so thanks again for the quick response

  • you can also have a bit more control using task scheduler, it will let you choose one more actions like waiting for networks and adding specific conditions. Isadora own settings will.let you configure the project and stages.

    If you want to go a step further you can use alwaysup, this will also act as a watchdog and restart isaodra if it crashes and even email you with a report on these events. I use always up for mission critical installations like theme parks.