• The Isadora Latin Network  + InTAD announces its first international workshop who took place in Montevideo, Uruguay last week: "Visual programming environments for the scene". This workshop focuses on the use of isadora software as a reference for visual programming environments; Interactive multimedia technology in dialogue with the performing arts.

    We thank Mark Coniglio @mark and his entire team for the support received.

    Some photos of the workshop here.

    Some raw videos here.

    All the workshop information will be found here .

    About the Workshop:

    The languages of visual programming open a new field in the realization of interactive digital devices for the scene, in which they can program the devices and applications that fit their artistic purposes without resorting to programming specialists.

    This worshop aims to investigate the ways in which stage art incorporates interactive digital devices developed in visual programming languages and uses them as a starting point for artistic creation.

    The aim is to bring professionals from the scene to the new accessible technological tools so that the art director can count on artists trained in this discipline to include in their work the resources that it offers.

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