Writing Speed Convertor v1.0 User Actor

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    Hello all,

    Running off to a theatre now, but was excited to share this User Actor I just made. (It's part of a larger system so keep an eye out for more soon!)

    Short on time so here's info from inside the User Actor itself:


    WPM = Words Per Minute (Handwritten or Typed)

    AvgCPW = Average Characters Per Word (average word length, in characters)

    CPM = Chararacters (Typed) Per Minute

    CPS = Chararacters (Typed) Per Second

    LPM = Letters (Handwritten) Per Minute

    LPS = Letters (Handwritten) Per Second

    L/CPM = Letters (Handwritten)/Chararacters (Typed) Per Minute

    L/CPS = Letters (Handwritten)/Chararacters (Typed) Per Second

    NOTE: ***LPM/LPS does NOT equal CPM/CPS*** 

    CPM/CPS *DOES* include spaces as a *character* in calculations.

    CPM and CPS are measurements of *characters* typed per unit of time.


    LPM/LPS *DOES NOT* include spaces as a *letter* in calculations.

    LPM and LPS are measurements of *letters* handwritten per unit of time.



    WPM to:



    L/CPM  to:



    L/CPS to:



    NOTE: Adjustable average characters per word.  

              (The default is five [English]).

    It also contains data tables with averages for WPM, L/CPM, and L/CPS.

    Check it out and let me know what you think!

    Next up: 

    • Javascript (Thanks in advance to @GertjanB for some Javascript code I nabbed from a Forum comment of his)
    • ReadTextFromFile
    • Envelope Generator++
    • Text Chopper
    • Text Draw
    • A Control Panel


    Best wishes,


    >>>Writing Speed Convertor v1.0 User Actor<<<