Pitch & Patch, Austria, August 2018

  • This is nothing to do with me (as it happens, I'm organising the 3rd annual Oulu Dance Hack that happens at the same time - more details soon) but i saw it on FaceBook and thought it might be a fun thing to be part of (particularly as there will be no Isadora Werkstatt this year):

    pitch&patch goes 5!!!! and it will happen from 17. - 26. august 2018

    maybe you wanna join us?

    pitch & what the patch? it is a playground and open lab for experiments research and creation space for the creative process  from ideas to concepts to projects

    a gathering of national and international artists off the grid

    10 days of …. ideas + inspiration communication + collaboration experiments + prototypes

    focus: performance, installation, sound, video,  new media, painting, projection, dance,  photography, sculpture, ...

    location:  Uhrhof20/Grünbacherhof an old theatre-like building.  a former „Arbeiterheim“ built by mine workers around 1920 for sociocultural purposes approximately 1 hour from vienna some pictures here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/…

    surroundings:  small town in a beautiful mountainous scenery

    facility: big hall with stage and gallery (230 square metre)  tables & cables, stage lighting, soundsystem, videoprojector, W-LAN special technical equipment on request

    timetable: 17.-26.8. 2018 first weekend is "get to know each other“ with presentation of concepts & ideas. networking.  followed by the "work in progress days“ which are freestyle > no shedules or duties 25.8. evening > public presentation (exhibition, performances)

    accomodation: * mattresses on location available (please reserve) * private rooms in nearby guesthouses (contact details on request) * bring your tent and place it in the garden

    food: breakfast + 1 hot vegetarian meal provided  supermarket in walking distance

    fees: 50€ facility support 60€ food support (breakfast + 1 hot meal/day) 5€ / night for mattress

    call: because of limited space we are forced to go through a selection process. the topic this year is: INTERFACE it is not obligatory, but there is a good chance that we do a bigger exhibition next year on that topic and that your artwork will be part of it. so pls send an excerpt of your ideas/projects you are planning to work on to: muk@tagr.tv  deadline: 1.5.2018

    impressions from previous years: https://www.facebook.com/pg/pitchnpatch/videos/