A case worthy of my Isadora USB Key

  • So I've been terrified of losing my USB key since I bought it - the thing is so tiny, and so valuable!

    What do you folks carry your Isadora USB key in?

    I had been keeping it in a metal box for mints with a snapping lid - makes a loud noise when dropped, and even when open I have to shake out the key from the folded paper inside.  It's a very functional solution but not so nice!

    But now, I found this little wooden jewelry box and decided to make a cooler case for the key. 

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    The box is sure a good solution, but I would also put a string through the hole on the top. It helps to find the key if it is lying somewhere between the cable mess.

    Best Michel

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    Yes.  Connect the key to the box. Long string or aircraft cable (I just like aircraft cable)

  • Thanks people, I never even saw that hole in the hasp!

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    This is amazing. Love it. Great idea. I've seen people with huge big wooden key ringa before, a bit like you get at B&B hotels sometimes.

  • I added my dad's old dog tags to the hole in the key.  Long and flexible with a loud jangly sound if you drop them. 

    I had to take the radiation meter off since it was too bulky for the box... ;-)

  • Hi,

    I have mine floating around in the pocket of my computer bag - or stuck into the back of an external monitor here and there. Occasionally, I freak out about where the hell is that little blue key - have I left it somewhere? have I lost it?. I have been using them for what appear like close to a decade now, my original likes to break free of its little blue suit and go naked - but I quickly get it dressed again. I have had to give one to a tech recently, to update a computer, now I am starting to panic about getting it back! 

    best wishes


  • @bonemap

    Oh my.. How many do you have ?

  • @juriaan said:

    How many do you have ?

     I manage 4 Isadora keys. They get used for student projects and multi-machine installations. Apologies if it appears excessive. 

    The hasp key is a bit more economical for the small number of media arts students I supervise. It also allows the most flexibility for managing site based projects and the mobility of the lisences across different machines.

    Best wishes



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