Control Panel / Actor visibility - saved state doesn't seem to stick

  • If I am working in a view with the control / actor interfaces both open, and I close and re-open Isadora, Isadora always opens with only the controls showing and I have to manually show the actors. Am surprised this isn't sticky: ie that she doesn't remember the last view you used. Bug, or by design?


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    I have had some issues with this when working with students. When demonstrating and using the control panel I always have a split view. It can be confusing initially as we have come to expect to see our last saved layout. It appears most other applications reopen to the last interface layout used when saving and closing/Quit.

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    I guess by design. It does remember either control or actor view but not the split view. Please file a feature request via form.

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    OK thanks, will do that.

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    I feel like there is a preference towards control view, perhaps because it is the 'performance' view. 

    For students I could see a set of icons for views being useful, rather than menu / keyboard options.