Layers and stages?

  • I'm hogging the bandwidth here... sorry!  Working with my TH2Go (2400 x 600). I want to have one scene that shows 3 different clips at 800 x 600 each 1/3 LCR. Done that for years. I want to have a scene that shows clips that are 2400 x 600 and are spread across the 3 projectors. That's easy enough. But I'm doing something wrong... I have the stages set as 2,3,4 for the 1/3rds and stage 1 as the 2400 all across. 1/3rds set as aspect mod ON and 2400 as aspect mod OFF.

    The 2400 scene works fine, but when I go back to the 1/3s scene, the screens are black. Video playing and all that, just seems like it is obscured somehow.  I tried changing the order and blend mode with no success.
    Advice please!


  • My experiments have revealed that my way of thinking about stages isn't correct. I now have one stage for all the 1/3rds and the 3-wide clips. Adjusted the projectors to -33.4, 0 and +33.4 with aspect off. It now works. Apologies for futzing out loud.


  • Tech Staff

    Yup you've cracked it. Sorry for late reply.

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