• Here is another version of a sample & hold actor. I've tryed to change it because  previous version when cycles drop dawn it let pass values. This should be unaffected by this problem, or less at least. Can some one test it?


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    what should it do?

    Sorry I'm not familiar with the requirements.

  • Hi Iro,

    its great for constantly changing numbers (like from a wave generator) but if you trigger different numbers into the input, it keeps swapping between the current one and the previous one. the system would probably benefit from eliminating this behaviour.

    the only other change i would make is to add a Float to Integer to your input, this negates the slightly odd scaling that occurs due to you setting the MIN to 0.0001

    i made something similar a few years ago and was excited to share it with the community, but nobody could work out how useful it might be. to be honest, i don't think i ever used it anyway.

    cheers, john

  • @dbini IMHO a sample and hold actor should be part of standard actor set like offset actor and add random actors made by Mark and shown at last werkstatt

    about your suggestion you got right, after posting it I change it a bit to avoid described switching. Currently I'm tinking about a sort of "arpeggiator" for values that can include S&H inside itself

    @DusX  just try the user actor and please verify if it keep working when your patch is very low in cycles. I saw that some time when cycles are very few some actors change behaviour: 

    I.E. I made a temporary gate actor that basically use a trigger delay to reclose a gater...when cycles fall down in a very complex patch some times this user actor don't works properly. Previous versions of this user actor was affected by this problem.

  • https://drive.google.com/open?...

    2.1 with this improvement:

    Now when the incoming value became static nothing change in the output