• Windows 10.
    Am having some odd behaviours happening with the media bins.
    Firstly, with the 'autoadjust' on green or on red I am seeing no difference in behaviour in the numbering when I cut a piece of media from a custom bin.
    I have media 96 to 101 in the custom bin (movie files) called Numbers_01 to Numbers_06.
    If I cut media 96, Numbers_01, with auto adjust on (green tick) Media 96 now becomes Numbers_02
    If I go edit-> undo it says "undo paste" not "undo cut" though it has the effect of undoing the cut. This is clearly a bug.
    If I cut media 96 with autoadjust off (red check) Media 96 now becomes Numbers_02. The same behaviour.
    I was under the impression, from an earlier exchange with Michael in this thread that this shouldn't happen.
    Am I completely misunderstanding?
    Mark M in sunny Salford

  • Tech Staff

    The numbering in the Media bin will adjust (fill the vacancy) with auto adjust on, the same as it will with it off.

    The difference is that the Movie ID set as the input to a Movie Player will be adjusted.
    So where you see the change (with auto adjust on) is in the Patch itself.
    Unless you are creating rather simple scenes, where the Movie ID is not connected to any other source/actors I do not recommend Auto Adjust (probably why it defaults off).
    The feature will NOT adjust the values of the connected inputs. (try adding a movie player with a Trigger Value connected to the Movie ID, and send a value thru to the movie player. Then move the location of that movie in the bin)
    Although, if you clearly understand how it works, it can help in workflow, especially organizing media / removing unused media.
    If you delete a movie, and Movie ID referencing that ID will become Zero.

    I do see the bug about the Undo being labelled incorrectly after Cut. Although it appears to function correctly.
    I will enter this bug report now.

  • @dusx

    Thanks for taking the time and trouble to clarify that: helps to get my head around it.