[ANSWERED] Is it possible to control wifi color changing led smart bulbs over osc or with Isadora?

  • I'm trying to use wifi color changing led smartbulbs onstage and was planning to control them with an android smart phone app but the options seem to be somewhat limited. 

    Is there a way to interface the lights with isadora/osc/midi or some other program to control them on my pc? Is there a more sophisticated android app to control the lights with?



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    Hi there @awlieber,

    I wrote a way for Philips Hue lights that you can find here (https://community.troikatronix...)

  • @juriaan

    Awesome! I'll take a look! 

    I'm trying to go less expensive and purchasing off brand lighting. Do you know if other brands will work?

    These are the ones I'm considering: https://www.amazon.de/gp/produ...

    They are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


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    Hi there @awlieber,

    My Isadora patch has been made for the Philips Hue branded products (With the Apple Homekit bridge, the 1.0 version of the bridge is using an other version of the API)

    The principal of the patch is the same. WiFi connected devices (Access Points) can be altered if they are on the same network as the controller and if you know the endpoints !

    For Philips Hue this was quite simple by their amazing API, for the product that you wish to control is it a bit harder.

    Why ?

    1. There are not a lot of developers that actually made code for this product (There are not a lot of projects online at Github that showcase how the API works.)
    2. It seems that the creator of the product doesn't has a developer portal / examples or endpoints that are documented.

    I also want to warn you about the security risk that you have with the product that you mention, it seems like the product is really weak on the security side..

    If you don't want to spend the money on Philips Hue products (You need a bridge and the bulbs, most of the time you can find them quite cheap on eBay or second hand) then I would personally advise to buy a product that is a bit more expensive then the product that you came up with.. https://www.lifx.com/ are great little bulbs that are standalone (No Bridge required) that you can control using there HTTP API (We need that to connect them to Isadora)

    If you need any help with the bulbs, just make a forum post and I'm sure I or other key figures of the community can give you a hand :)

    With kind regards,


  • The lights you posted use the ifttt protocol, that is how they can work with Alexa etc. It is just http and I guess you can use Wireshark to spy on tj messages. Otherwise there are some nodes for node red for ifttt that may help, there are also osc nodes for node red that would let you control it from Isadora. https://flows.nodered.org/node...