Input and Output on “Player” actors for filename

  • Tech Staff

    Mounting a show, so being brief, but wanted to post before I lost the idea.

    I give my media names prefixes and put them all in one folder before uploading them to Isadora all at once.

    • This means that they are uploaded in alphabetical order
    • My prefixes, ("Trees -", "Water -", "Scene 5, Pg 15 - "), make it so that my media for specific purposes are organized into groups by number right off the bat (so I don't have to spend time sorting them into bins *before* I use them and then worrying about adding media bit by bit and not being able to group things by number.

    This led me to think that it would be great to be able to select media from the Media List by Number OR Filename

    • Rehearsal media placeholders can be used and easily replaced
    • Option to re-alphabetize the Media List (to regroup newly uploaded media with relevant media)
    • Would help with some of the issues surrounding numbering conflicts
    • Can use video bins to group relevant media without disturbing the existing numbering/without the numbering mattering
    • Input and Output on “player” actors for the filename (and an output for the media number too) would be useful for programming and control purposes.
    • Would work well with the "Get Media File Name", "Get Media Count", and "Get Media Index", and text-based actors like trigger text and Data Array, incorporating some of their functionalities into the Player Actors themselves.

    As I said, this was an idea I just had, so I haven't thought it through extensively.

    Would this interest anyone else?

    Best wishes,