VCV Rack modulating Shapes in Isadora

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    Modulating Shapes with VCV Rack and Isadora via OSC.
    Caudal a mecanical chaotic source from Vult feeds the Pulse width modulation of the oscillator and CutOff from the Vortex Filter. These is routed into the cvOSC from trowaSoft. 

    Make sure the OSC and IP address fits with the net setup in Isadora (preferences). In stream setup in Isadora go to stream setup and click auto detect. Then renumber ports. Then open an osc listener. To make the incoming numbers usable I used a Limit-Scale-value and a smoother actor. I scaled the min and max from the width inside the shapes actor. 

    You see the height from the shape reacting to the filter and the width reacting to the pulse width modulation.

    You can download the patches here: