Ion triggering Isadora scene - ugh!

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    I'm sure this topic has been asked before..... possibly by me.

    Looking to triggering Isadora scenes from specific lighting cues from the ETC Ion.  I've done it before I can't remember how it was achieved.  

    I've set up the Ion to send out a Midi signal with the cue number:  All good on that end.  The problem I'm having is being able to find an actor that will trigger from a specific Midi cue number.  Using Midi Show Control Watcher right now...but the Cue number I've entered in the actor will change depending on the Ion cue number and trigger my Jump actor. 

    So that says 2 things:  1>I'm getting a Midi signal  2>the Midi signal shows the Ion cue number.  Yippie!

    So the question I have...which actor should I use to listen for a specific cue number from the Ion and then trigger my jump?  

    Adding blank 'dummy' scenes to be triggered by the Midi signal would not be ideal.  Looking for a way to trigger from specific Ion cue numbers...


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    Here, have a thing.


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  • I programmed this for our actual play in our theatre. Its easy and it works without problems with our Strand console. You have to renumber yor Isadora scenes with the cue number of your Ion. For excample: Video have to play at Light cue 8, you must renumber the Isadora scene at 8. The MSC triggers every Cue he became, but if there no Isadora scene with the Cue number, nothing happens. 

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    Well, that's a thing. But what about Bob? What's he doing there?!

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    bob - what a legend!

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    Ah yes, the most important part, how could I forget?!

    I couldn't tell you why I started, but ever since I began using Isadora three years ago I've been putting Bob into all my User Actors.

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    The Ion / EOS family also has great OSC support :) Personally I'm more a fan of that route, then MIDI but that is just my preference. If you are interested let me know and I will share some patches that I made :)

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    Hello, yes! I'm always interested to see the wonderful things you make!

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    Nifty! My solution is part of a system I built a couple years before Isadora's integrated MSC Scene Number feature. I'll have to update it now.