• Hi All !! is there a way to include an Actor help in our user's actor such as the original actos has? beside the COMMNET actor that we can put inside the patch?

     thank you 
  • Tech Staff

    Not in a User actor.
    there are other creative options..
    I have done things like add a trigger input for each of the actors inputs that sends text out a single 'help' output... I connect it to a text control in the control panel, and I can see the notes I write for each input, or an actor overview..
    Its not the same things as the standard alt/help popups .. but it helps me.

  • thanks dusx !!  after i've post my question i find some ways to solve it. and i think similar to your ideas. i share with you a patch with 2 user actor recently made. any suggestion are welcome and if you want to show your solutions great !!

    its in spanish but you will understand
    big hug,