How to desynchronise Butterfly wings with 3dparticles?

  • Hello everybody I hope you're all doing well.

    I'm working on this new Butterfly piece with the 3d particles actor and I can't figure out how to desynchronise the wings.

    As the particles are generated they all play the exact video sequence at the same time. Any ideas? 

    Here's a private vimeo link  and password is "laurent"

    Thank you & Cheers

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    @david said:

    Hi David,

    This is a screen capture of a butterfly particle system I have been using and it may help: Butterflies

    It uses a video file of a 3D animated butterfly in 6 slightly different 'flight' position loops (in this case wing positions and rotations). I have Chroma Key'ed out the background and reduced the detail of the video to a coloured silhouette, but you could use an integrated alpha channel when preparing the source video file. The video file is then used as 'texture map' array in columns and rows that cycle the attribution of particles through each of the butterfly positions in turn. It does this by way of a Pulse Generator that is linked to the 'add obj' of the 3D Particles and to the Counter that is determining the 'tex map col' and 'tex map row'. I did try with only three butterflies in the array, but found that six provided a better result for my purposes.

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  • you might need more than one 3D Particles actor in your system. with either different movies feeding different 3D Particle generators or the same movie running through a delay before feeding the next particle generator

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    @david, I think @bonemap 's method is the one you want to learn.
    But remember you could also create the tile live in Isadora, so the footage is more dynamic.

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    @dusx said:

    But remember you could also create the tile live in Isadora, so the footage is more dynamic.

     It's true, but harder to demonstrate in a single screen grab!

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    I would also use the method Bonemap has suggested. It's the easiest way. 

  • Hi everyone thank you for your quick responses!

    Thank you @bonemap !! @DusX what do you mean by tile?

    Is it a sequencer to read each line and colomn at a given framerate?

    Have a good weekend

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    I meant the Texture Map, since its defined in Cols and Rows, I think of it as a tile. (basically a sprite sheet: https://gamedevelopment.tutspl...)
    Anyway, I was just suggesting that it could be made dynamically within Isadora. 'Matte++' might be a good actor to use to build such a grid.