• Hello, I am new to Isadora would like to create command "on off" on the basic RGB 36 leds reflector or other external device. Which output should I use with the dmx usb pro. I am using Send serial data is it possible?

    Thank you for any help.

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    So you want a grand master with a 0 and a 100 ?

  • @juriaan

    Yes! I can use "0 and a 100. or Power on / off.

  • this patch has been around for a while now, there is maybe a more updated one (?) but couldn't find it at the moment.... 

    Anyhow good starting point. It sets the communication with the ENTTEC dmxUSBpro ( don't forget to enable serial ports in >Communication ). 

    In the main scene you have a matrix to send out values to specific addresses . You can add more addresses and relative value out, as well as send to a range of addresses. 

    I quickly added a trigger for 0 or 100 values through 'q' and 'w' keys.

    ENTTEC basic

  • Thank you!
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